Eastar EP-10 Electronic Piano Folding Semi-weighted Keyboard Full Size 88 Keys

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    EP-10 Piano VS Manual Roll Piano:
    Manual roll piano:
  • Prone to legato problems when playing
  • No tactile feedback, no key press sensation

  • EP-10 Piano:
  • Provides electric piano-like finger feel and key depth
  • Play without legato or loss of notes, complete presentation of the piano
  • 88 Semi-Weighted Keys
    You can compose and play your music anytime and anywhere comfortably. Creative freedom!
    Divide the Keyboard in Two for an Accompanied Lesson or become a One-Man Orchestra
    You can divide your large 61-key keyboard into two sections, whether for piano lessons accompanied by a teacher or to play two different tones at the same time!
    Small and portable folding electric steel
    Open and closed design, one-button folding. The folded length is 24.8 inches and weighs only 4 kg. The package comes with a piano bag, stylish and portable, so you can take it with you to enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.
    Lossless sound quality stereo surround
    Lossless restoration of true steel sound, full and delicate sound, rich in three-dimensional sense. Gives you an excellent playing experience. The sound source is sampled from a grand piano and can be used for piano exam practice.
    Experiment with silent practice
    EP-10 has a silent practice function, in the dead of night or need quiet places indoors, dormitories and the like, you can plug in headphones (3.5mm jack, need to buy their own) to practice, alone immersed in beautiful music.
    Clear and powerful LCD screen
    The EP-10 is equipped with an LCD display, which shows the status of the functions in operation, and also allows you to view tones, demo song names, etc. through the screen.
    Equipped with a sustain pedal
    The set comes with a separate sustain pedal, which can be used with the sustain pedal to allow music to be played with richer sound, color and style, matching different songs.
    Various external interfaces for better compatibility
    The back of the instrument is rich in interfaces and is compatible with a variety of external devices:
    • Sustain pedal interface (3.5mm)
    • MP3 interface (3.5mm)
    • Microphone jack (3.5mm)
    • Headphone jack (3.5mm)
    • Charging interface (Type C)

    Product Brochures: Eastar EP-10 Folding Electronic Piano Keyboard.pdf


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    • Quelles sont les dimensions exactes de l'instrument une fois déplié. Longueur/Largeur/hauteur. merci

      Bonjour, lorsqu'il est déplié, le piano mesure 49,6" de long et 8,3" de large. Pour plus de détails, vous pouvez vous référer à notre 8ème photo de produit.

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