Reward program

How does it work
Join the reward program
Earn points
Earn rewards
what you won
what you won
Benefits for members
Get free products
Reduction amount
5€ discount = 500 Donate points
-12% off = 1000 points Donate
10€ discount (applies to orders over 50€) = 800 Donner points
1€ spent = 1 points earned
Which will be directly used in your next purchase
Benefits for members
By subscribing and agreeing to receive our newsletter, you will benefit from access to limited exclusive offers.
Get free products
We are currently improving our reward program and want our customers to have the opportunity to get any free product soon.
Different ways to get points
Sign up
For your birthday
Share on Facebook
"Like" on Facebook
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Sign up for the rewards program. A completed registration gives you 300 points directly.

When you become a member, you can earn points for every purchase you make. €1 spent = 1 point accumulated.

Complete your personal information and in particular your birthday and earn 100 points on the day of it.
Please note: customers must enter the date of their birthday in the reward program at least 30 days before it to collect the winnings on the D-day.

Share our site on Facebook to earn 200 points.

Like our Facebook page to get 10 points.

Follow our Instagram page to earn 100 points.

let us know refer a friend
Offer a prize to your friends, and claim yours when they make a purchase.
They benefit from a -10% coupon,
and you get a 5€ discount

At Donner, sponsorship is simple.
1. Simply send your friends our referral URL.
2. When your friends click on the link and enter their email addresses, they get a discount code. Once they click "Apply Discount Code", the reward will be applied in their shopping cart.
3. Each time your friends make a purchase, the referrer (you) will receive rewards.
Note: Your friends do not need to create an account, or even use the referral reward to complete the referral process. They just have to make a purchase.
You can refer directly from the home panel to your friends, family, fans etc.
The default sharing options are: Facebook, Twitter and email.


Who is allowed to join the program?


All Donner-music customers are the
welcome to the rewards program.

How to join the program? Does this cause


There are no additional costs incurred
to join the rewards program. Click on “Reward” and
start accumulating your points!

How to accumulate points?


Log in to your account (top left
of the site), look for the rewards page and click on your points to
start accumulating them.

In which countries is the Donner Rewards Program


The Donner Reward Program is currently only available in French.

Can I redeem or buy points?


No, it is not possible to exchange or buy
points. Points are not transferable, and can only be
accumulated by program members.

Can I change my points to cash?


Points are not money and do not
has no monetary value. They are only meant to be accumulated
to receive rewards offered by Donner. The rewards can
change from time to time. Points cannot be accumulated to receive
money. Points can only be used for purchases

What happens to my points if I purchase a product with, and
that I send it back? Will I receive my points back?


Assuming your purchase qualifies for the
return policy, whether you paid all, or only part of
the purchase of the product eligible for the program with points, your account will be
credited with the number of points used to pay for the product. Refunds
in the form of money are not possible for amounts paid with

What happens to the rest of my points if I don't have all
used ?


The remainder of the points not used during the
qualifying purchases, will remain intact in your account and can be used for
future qualifying purchases until all points are used or

Can I earn rewards points?


Yes. Rewards points are offered from
from time to time on certain qualifying purchases.


What if I forgot to log in to my account
at time of payment?


You must be logged in to your account to
earn and accumulate points.

Can I earn points if I buy through other
boutiques or retailers?


No, you can earn points
reward only through valid purchases on the online store
To give.

What should I do if I think a purchase or any other
program activity is not correctly crediting points to my
account ?


You must follow us through the modules
from the rewards program page so that points can accumulate
automatically in your account. Please note that the display of points
accumulated may take up to 24 hours to update. If after 24 hours the
new points are still not displayed, please contact us at
the e-mail address in charge of Customer Service.

How can I update the information I have
provided to enroll in the program?


You can change your information by yourself
logging into your online account under Account settings

Is there a deadline for my membership in the


Donner reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate
a membership, generally following a failure to respect the Terms and
Program Terms, including failure to make a Qualifying Purchase,
and/or Terms and Conditions of Use for the entire website.

Please note that customers cannot earn points
via "self-referrals" or "fake accounts", these
actions that violate the legitimacy of the program and are considered as
flight. They will result in the cancellation of the member's membership in the program, and
any current order will simply be cancelled.

Can the program terminate?


Yes. We may, at our sole discretion, cancel,
modify, limit or terminate the program or any aspect or features
of the program at any time, without being notified in any way,
although such changes may affect the value of points or benefits
accrued or earned, and/or the ability to accrue rewards or benefits.