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Have you ever wondered what happens after you hit the "buy" button until you get the instrument in your hands? Let us take you on an online tour of our distribution center.

As our sales cover different global regions, we own third-party warehouses and warehouses in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and Germany. We currently have 5 warehouses in the United States, 3 on the West Coast and 2 on the East Coast. Among these 5 warehouses, the first to take place is the one located near Los Angeles. The other 4 are located in Fontana, California, Azusa, Bordentown, New Jersey and Hebron, Kentucky respectively. For Great Britain, our warehouse is located in Wolverhampton. In Australia, we have 2 warehouses, one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne. Finally, our warehouses French is located in Euskirchen. Our warehouses scattered all over the world benefit from our efficient logistics teams whose sole purpose is to offer you fast delivery. We prefer to call these warehouses distribution centers, because they not only stock all available products fresh from the factories, but all product distributions via express services through the various locations of all regional sales also take place in these warehouses. As the primary distribution center in the assigned region, most orders are processed and shipped from these same centers daily. Due to the large number of orders, we make every effort to ensure that you get your order, in a very short time, without any hitch or delivery damage. We invite you to visit our distribution center here in details, with all necessary information provided. 

Warehouse Give:


Arrival of products

Shipped directly from the factory, the products are transported to the arrival area by trucks and are carefully unloaded either manually or by forklifts. According to different categories and sizes, large-sized products are stacked on pallets and stored in categorized areas. Small or medium-sized products are shelved by categorization. Each of the products undergoes thorough overall inspections of the packaging before being put in its place in case of damage during transport.

Storage environment

Since many of our products are made of wood and contain electronic components, the environment in which the instruments are stored must provide good conditions, otherwise the tones and quality of the instruments may be affected. Customers are often faced with the same problem. But in our warehouses, there is nothing to worry about. Our warehouses are designed to avoid drastic temperature changes. The temperature of the warehouses is constant and regular humidity checks are carried out to ensure that all products remain in good condition, because we of course want to deliver our instruments in impeccable condition, which will allow you to enjoy your acquisition.

Preparation of commands

When the orders arrive, according to the product categories, our meticulous administrators and pickers go to the corresponding area and collect the products to fulfill the orders. Unlike other companies that introduce robots into order picking, at Donner all picking is done manually. Because some of our instruments are heavy and we want to make sure that every order is fulfilled with the right products and in the best conditions. We put the respect of the customer above all, because any bad execution which would occur during the delivery of an order, would be a waste of energy, time and pecuniary, in particular for the orders of voluminous or heavy products.Reliable delivery and guaranteed quality

After an order, we always check the order details and the quality of the desired products. Our team then ensures that the delivery address is within the catchment area of the distribution center, or if other warehouses could provide faster delivery. This way we avoid delivery bottlenecks that waste time. Our team also performs a thorough pre-shipment product inspection to ensure that you are happy with the status of your purchases.

Delivery and quality assured

After the order is placed, we double check the order information and product quality. Our team makes sure that the delivery address is in the area covered by the distribution centers and if other warehouses can ensure faster delivery. Indeed, if orders are placed at the wrong warehouse, this could lead to poor management of supplies and therefore stock shortages which would affect the speed of your deliveries. Additionally, to ensure that you are satisfied with your newly ordered instruments, our team will also perform detailed product inspections prior to final packaging and shipment.


After inspection, items are placed in their final original packaging and then wrapped with many protective layers of high polymer plastic film, to prevent damage or breakage during delivery. We provide strong boxes and cases for our products when they are manufactured and shipped out of the factory and their arrival intact at the warehouses is the best proof of this. In addition, to ensure that even in the event of possible accidents during delivery your order arrives intact, we pack some of our products with anti-shock foam depending on certain situations. After this packing stage, the products are organized according to their destinations and time of ordering for the equality of all customers.

Shipping and delivery times

We have established strong strategic cooperation with major Express carriers such as DHL, USP, etc., to ensure speed in our deliveries. Our delivery time is normally 2-3 working days. Due to the pandemic, delivery may be a little delayed, and we sincerely appreciate your kind understanding. Additionally, we are currently setting up more warehouses in various locations to shorten our average delivery time to as many regions as possible. During our major sales campaigns, we organize sufficient stocks in advance to meet all orders on time. That's why you don't need to worry about orders that might arrive weeks later and dampen your enthusiasm.

Pandemic protection 

Since the appearance of Covid-19, protection against the pandemic has become our priority. For the health of our customers and staff, we make special efforts to sterilize our products and our warehouses. Multiple sterilizations are performed before the products leave the factory and arrive at the warehouses. Regular sterilizations are also organized in each of our warehouses. Before we release each of our products for delivery, additional polyvinyl alcohol is also sprayed on the packaging for added safety. Please also sterilize the package after you receive the package.

Take care of yourself !


With complete inventory control by our supply chain and meticulous inventory management and handling by our teams, our warehouses accommodate large product inventories and we ensure that they are never full. So storing large inventory for sales campaigns like Black Friday, Thanks Giving Day, Christmas or New Year is no problem. In addition, a large storage space allows us to have each product in stock with a considerable quantity allowing us to meet your requests, whatever they may be.


More information

That's it for our online warehouse tour! If you have a question or request for additional information, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the "contact us" button. Good music and see you soon from the Donner teams!


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