Donner DDP-80 : un piano numérique en bois de style vintage doté d'une technologie sonore experte

Donner, a company well known for producing affordable and feature-rich electric keyboards, recently launched a new addition to its line of piano instruments – the DDP-80 . This 88-key wood-style digital piano is a capable replacement for an acoustic piano, ideal for both experienced and aspiring pianists.

The DDP-80 boasts a sleek, vintage design that reproduces the sound of an acoustic grand piano, made with eco-friendly materials that mimic the rich grain of wood, providing a realistic playing experience perfect for beginners. The piano features 88 full-size weighted keys, with the heavier bass keys, lighter treble keys, and three-foot pedals, just like a grand piano.

Designed to be a modern artistic decoration in the home, the DDP-80 is a slim, streamlined cabinet that complements living spaces like a piece of handcrafted furniture. Controls are kept to a minimum with buttons located on the back to maintain the organic look. This charming wood-style digital piano is durable, lightweight and has a small footprint that allows it to fit and store easily at home.

The DDP-80 delivers the performance a pianist demands, with features such as expertly sampled French grand piano sound, dynamic sensing technology via the 88-key fully weighted keyboard, and a sound source designed by Give with a polyphony of 128 notes. It provides a realistic playing experience perfect for all playing styles, enhanced by the three sustain pedals that allow players to play smoothly.

The DDP-80 has easy-to-use connectivity options for beginners, such as USB-MIDI which can be connected to a smartphone or tablet to access music apps and DAWs to practice and create your music. Two built-in speakers and the powerful 20W + 20W amp bring historic French grand piano sounds to your home, while the headphone jack is perfect for solo practice. The piano can be easily connected to any Mac, PC, iOS or Android device via the USB-MIDI port for online lessons or as a controller for your favorite DAW. Additionally, an elegant Donner piano bench (sold separately) is available with the piano.

Donner aims to inspire artists and equip music enthusiasts with great instruments and online learning resources. The DDP-80 includes access to the Donner Music app, giving players a platform to learn music with all the necessary tools. Donner also collaborated with faculty at Berklee College of Music to offer the Donner Berklee Tutor Series, a set of music lessons available free to the public, making music education accessible to everyone.

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