Donner DED-200 Electronic Drum Kit for Beginners New Update

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Type: 5 Drums and 3 Cymbals
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    The New Series of Improved Electronic Batteries
    The DED-200 can provide effective support for professional, practical and small studio recordings.
    The DED-200 will be your best ally
    • With French DREAM chip and sampling technology, digital technology records sound of real instruments, 31 sets of custom drum presets and patterns, and 450 tones for meet the needs of different playing styles.
    • The diameter of the drum and cymbal pads is 20cm and 25cm. Their design has been meticulously crafted in order to offer you an experience and playing sensation similar to those on acoustic drums, making your practice pleasant and fun, while obtaining the desired drum sound.
    New Audio Source of Sound Samplings
    Using digital technology to record the sound of real instruments, the software algorithm and calculation efficiency of the French DREAM chip, the DED-200 is able to restore the dynamic timbre of each element of an acoustic drum. The pads are composed of 6 layers sensitive to velocity, in order to get as close as possible to the response to the intensity of hits on a drum original. 30 pre-recorded samples from the original sound of a real acoustic drum. 450 sounds of drums and 31 patterns cover all musical styles, allowing you to enjoy every note! You go love playing!
    High fidelity pad surface playing feel 
    The surface of the snare drum pads of 20 cm (double trigger zone) and toms (single trigger zone) benefits from advanced technology, with precise strike zones on the surface and edges, in order to benefit from all the sensitivity and richness of a gaming experience similar to the one on acoustic drums. The high-density skin structure of the pads consists of double layers, in order to ensure their longevity and resistance to wear, but also to improve their response. High-speed sensors sensitivity allows you to capture shocks down to the 4 layers, in order to restore a feeling of play similar to that on acoustic drums.
    Accurate position of cymbal sensitivity 
    The hi-hat and crash cymbals, both 25 cm, benefit from sensitivity sensors meticulously dispersed in their skin. The crash has a double trigger zone: on the edge and the surface, as well as a constriction zone. The ride cymbal, also 25 cm, also benefits from surface and edge trigger zones, as well as a choke zone. Cymbals benefit all of a stable support structure which eliminates any risk of tremor, in order to benefit from a comfortable and efficient gaming experience. Made from the latest eco-friendly silicone material the environment, the product lasts longer.
    Stable battery structure frame
    In order to benefit from a stable and secure battery support, Donner has developed a structure made of stable metal, suitable for frequent assembly and disassembly, and adjustable for different sizes and positions. Easily foldable and transportable, stores easily and does not take up much space, suitable both for practice at home and for outdoor performances. The structure is extremely resistant, preventing any shaking or shaking, giving you a comfortable fit and professional practice.
    Extension possible 
    The DED-200 can expand from a crash cymbal, up to 5 drums, and 4 cymbals, you allowing you to adapt your battery to your different musical needs. The DED-200 can be connected to DAW software (Digital audio workstation = Digital Audio Station), thanks to the USB MIDI port in order to be used as tools for your musical creations, or you can record your creations via audio output on a card her. The DED-200 will meet all your practice, exercise and recording needs.

    More than revolutionary features and practical support
    In order to offer you a better experience, the module offers you different functionalities. When using the 50 feature demo music, the main unit is then paired with your pads, to help you in your practice and learning. The module also offers a recording function, which allows you to record and store the songs you play. Another educational function allows you to capture the precision of each of your beats, giving you a score at the end of your performance, so you can see how well it You will have to pay attention and improve. Allowing you to exercise in a different way.
    Free Melodics software
    Purchasing the Donner DED-200 lets you make music with the original software Melodics.

    Click here to claim your free DAW and course. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

    Product Features: DED-200 Enhanced Electronic Battery

     Batch configuration
     Beginner bundle: 5 drums, 3 cymbals, stool, drumsticks, headphones, audio cable, cable power supply
     4 support  Sounds 
    Bass drum
     17 cm (pedal included)  Demo music
     20 cm (skin) (double trigger zone)  Pre-installed
     31 (30 pre-recorded, 1 in use)
     Tom Alto
     Tom Medium
     Bass Tom
     Stereo Aux Input 3.5mm Jack
     Tom bass 2
     -  Output 
     Main Outputs/Outputs 6.35 mm jack
     Headphone Output: 3.5mm Jack
     Hi-hat cymbal
     25 cm with pedal  Force Stratification
     Snare 6 ply, Tom Kick 3 ply
     Crash cymbal
     25cm with choke  Coach
    C rash2
     -  Registration
     Ride cymbal
     25cm with choke  External inputs
     Cymbal 6.35 mm Jack
     Tom Jack 6.35mm

     90.5 x 55 x 31 cm  Cymbal materials
     silicone and plastic
     24.8 kg
     Drum pad material
     9V/DC, 1A
     Other materials

     User Manual
     DED-200 Improved Electronic Battery Pack


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