Ce piano numérique domestique est tout ce qu'il faut !

Whether you are keen to take up the piano, a budding pianist or even a professional, a home digital piano is essential for progressing in music, as owning the instrument encourages you to play regularly.
But for an excellent artistic experience, you need a good digital piano, one that has all the virtues a musician dreams of. Donner Music is a brand that specializes in the creation of pianos and this article explains why the DDP-80 is the BEST 88-key digital piano to have.

1. On the sound quality of the DDP-80:

 Your first criterion for choosing a home digital piano should be the sound; and it is because the sound emitted by the DDP-80 is almost similar to that of an acoustic piano that it is called: the best digital piano for you.
In addition, this piano is equipped with two powerful stereo surround speakers of 20w each, just to guarantee you high quality sound worthy of an enthusiast.

2. On the DDP-80 keyboard:

Obviously, we want to play on a piano that gives the same sensations as a grand piano, this depends on the quality of the keys on your keyboard. The DDP-80 is an 88-key digital piano, each of which is large and of considerable resistance, that is to say quite heavy. For a more precise musical experience, you can adjust the key response and enjoy exceptional piano playing.

3. On the DDP-80 pedals:

Another essential in the equipment of your home digital piano are the three pedals always present in acoustic pianos but which are missing on some digital pianos. Don't neglect them, they make all the difference!
In the DDP-80, you will have, from left to right: the soft or soft pedal, the sustain or sostenuto pedal then the loud or sustain pedal. These pedals are the same as a grand piano, they help you add variety to your music and allow you to play specific works.

4. Let’s talk about the durability of the DDP-80:

Are you worried about the fragility of an 88-key digital piano? Do you hate purchases that don't last? Well, us too!
The Donner brand has focused on artisanal and solid manufacturing of the DDP-80. The latter is made of fruit wood, held by 4 wooden legs with metal ends. The DDP-80's manufacturing materials are environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Your piano is therefore durable and will accompany your progress for years.

5. Essential features:

Your DDP-80 can be connected to your phone via USB or your headset. Learn new piano techniques with precision!
There is even the free Donner application which provides you with quality piano lessons. you have to take advantage of these features!

6. The perfect look of the DDP-80:

Finally, it is appropriate to conclude on the aesthetics of the piano which, certainly, does not influence your performance, but which matters a lot. The DDP-80 has a minimalist style that goes with your room's decor, without cluttering it up. Its size is small so that it can be placed anywhere, and its refined look makes it presentable in front of your guests. It's a domestic digital piano that beautifies your home in addition to serving your creativity!

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