Préparez-vous pour le nouveau trimestre avec des délices musicaux !
As the new school term approaches, this is the perfect opportunity for children to explore and savor the delights of music. At Donner Music Store, we believe it's never too late to embark on a musical journey. With a huge range of musical instruments, suitable for students of all ages and skill levels, we are dedicated to helping aspiring musicians find their perfect instrument. From electronic keyboards to digital pianos and portable guitars, we've curated a selection of instruments ideal for beginners. Let us dive into the delightful features of our products and guide you to the perfect musical companion to kick off the new school term!

Product 1: DEK-610 61-key electronic keyboard
Immerse yourself in a world of musical possibilities with the DEK-610 electronic keyboard. Its built-in database offers 500 instruments, 300 percussion rhythms and 40 demo songs, ensuring a diverse range of sounds to explore. The 61 keys can be divided into teaching and learning zones, making it ideal for collaborative learning. Plus, the built-in chord mode simplifies practice sessions, effortlessly adapting your playing to chords. Overall, the DEK-610 keyboard is an entry-level piano experience. It has built-in features that allow beginners to quickly get started and learn the first steps of the piano.

Product 2: DDP-100 88 Keys Home Model Digital Piano
Embrace elegance and exceptional sound with the DDP-100 digital piano. Its high-quality white wood exterior, with a sliding piano lid, adds a touch of vintage sophistication to any space. Enjoy quiet practice with the headphone function or enjoy the rich sound source and DREAM speakers. With extensive compatibility, you can easily transfer your music using MP3, USB and MIDI input functions. The DDP-100 is a home-grade digital piano that combines aesthetic design, body texture and versatility. It could be used as home furnishings.

Product 3: HUSH-I Guitar
Meet the ultimate travel companion for music enthusiasts - the HUSH-I guitar. Its compact shape and removable ergonomic parts allow for easy portability, fitting easily into your suitcase. The lightweight design and removable battery guarantee an impressive 50 hours of battery life. Perfect for beginners, it features user-friendly button tuners and guitar form factors, making it a great choice for students taking their first musical steps. This is a new age guitar that can be used in a wide variety of usage environments. It allows you to use it outdoors and while traveling, as well as practice at night without disturbing others.

As the new term approaches, unleash your inner musician with our delightful range of musical instruments. From the versatile DEK-610 electronic keyboard to the stylish DDP-100 digital piano and the HUSH-I portable guitar, our instruments cater to students of all levels, making learning and playing a joyful experience. Enter the world of music and embrace the magic of melody as you embark on an unforgettable musical adventure!

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